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Evan Hau
Evan Hau

Evan Hau

Discipline: Climbing Team


I discovered climbing in 2004 at university. During my first trip outdoors I immediately knew I wanted to pursue climbing for the rest of my life and now my whole life revolves around climbing. I love the adventure of traveling, seeing new places, learning new cultures, and the amazing climbing community.

The challenge and process of trying and training myself to do things that don’t seem possible at first drive me to try my best out in the mountains at every opportunity. I’ve loved La Sportiva shoes from the beginning. The fit and performance have helped me achieve all of my major climbing milestones.

Calgary and The Bow Valley in the Canadian Rockies have been my home for the last 10 years. During that time I’ve climbed many of the existing routes and my focus has changed to developing new routes to unlock more of the area’s incredible potential.



1. “Honour and Glory” (5.14d FA) Bow Valley
2. “Bunda de Fora” (5.14d) Bow Valley
3. “Life of Villains” (5.14d) Hurricave
4. Over 20 5.14 First Ascents in Canada
5. 2008 Gold Medal in Engineering at Queen’s University  





Bio photo: © Ben Fenton  |  Banner photo: © Grzegorz Florek