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John Kelly
John Kelly

John Kelly

Discipline: Mountain RunningĀ® Team


I grew up adventuring through the dense mountains and forests around my family’s rural home in Morgan County, TN, constantly trying to keep up with my older brother and cousins. That grew into a love of exploration and a drive to continually challenge myself with goals that push my boundaries and that have failure as a probable outcome (without that possibility a goal is just a task). Mountain running allows me to do both of those things at once, and La Sportiva has helped me push further with fewer distractions from the real reasons I’m out there.



1. Sharing my love for exploring the mountains with an unbelievably supportive wife, awesome kids, and an ultrarunning community that continuously inspires and motivates me
2. Becoming the 15th finisher of the Barkley Marathons
3. Completing the first ever sub 24 hour run at The Wild Oak Trail 100
4. Finishing as the 26th amateur (after coming out of the water as the 820th) at the Kona Ironman World Championship the same year as completing the Barkley Marathons
5. Completing my PhD and using it to find a career that allows me to support my family while also pursuing my passions

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