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Sienna Kopf
Sienna Kopf

Sienna Kopf

Discipline: Climbing Team



I am 17-years-old and was born and raised in Golden, Colorado. It wasn’t until the age of 11 that I discovered climbing at my local rec center, and from that day on, I was hooked. After competing in my first competition a few months later, I wanted nothing more than to improve and break into the next top-echelon of competitors. So, I spent countless hours on the wall, off the wall, and learning through video analysis (thanks dad!), and slowly but surely I improved and developed as a climber. I competed in every competition available to me and quickly worked my way up in the Youth Climbing scene, a result of working very hard to achieve the lofty goals I set myself. In 2019 I broke into the upper-tier of the National Open (Adult) competitions and placed 5th overall for the season. This gave me the opportunity to compete at 10 World Cups and two World Championship level events, experiences that set the tone for my future climbing and life goals.

Look for me in the next competition you watch! I’m pretty easy to spot with a huge smile on my face, my hair in space-buns, and recently some pretty crazy prints under a leopard print jacket.

When I’m not on the wall, chances are I’m dancing around to my favorite reggaeton song, and when I’m climbing I try to dance my way up the wall too!





1. Competing as a part of Team USA in 10 World Cups and two World Championship level
events in 2019 (all Disciplines)
2. Being a part of USA Climbing Youth National Team 2016-2019 (all Disciplines)
3. Finding confidence in myself through a positive outlook on life.
4. Developing strong and meaningful friendships within the climbing community.
5. Balancing rigorous academics and high-level competitions effectively.





5’7.5” Ape: +0.5”


Header photo by ®Jonathan Vickers